Everyone Told Me To Start My New Year With A “Bang,” Here’s Why They’re Idiots.

Start the new year off with a bang!

That’s what everyone tells you to do.

But realizing It’s almost the end of January I have to ask:

Does your new year feel like a “bang”?

Better yet, do you know what a “bang” even feels like?

I ask because we often need to experience something directly in order to understand what it really is.

Does success even feel like a bang at all? Like an explosion that happens all at once?

Do you think that you’ll go to sleep one night and magically wake up the next morning feeling like the volume is turned up and your world is buzzing?

To me, any new endeavor feels ominous; something bigger than myself surrounded by doubt and unanswered questions. It literally feels like a fight just to get myself to start doing something…ANYTHING.

And then it gets a little bit better. Maybe I make a new contact or I learn something and do it just a little better. Then it’s right back to struggling.

But it never feels like a “bang”.

The bang of success comes when the reward for the hard work is already here.

It DOES NOT come during the struggle. It certainly doesn’t show it’s face when the whole world, including your own brain, seem to be trying to slow you down or distract you.

So don’t start the new year expecting a huge “bang.” Expect doubt. Expect distraction. Expect not to be perfect. Expect to hit a wall and feel overwhelmed. Expect a struggle.

Expect to keep moving forward no matter what.

Don’t start this year with a bang.

Start with passion, start with some true grit, start with a crazy idea.

But for Pete’s sake, just START and whatever you do, don’t stop.

Then when you feel the “bang,” you’ll know it’s time to pause, reflect, enjoy how far you’ve come…and start all over again.