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Finally. Everything you need to get music placements.
Getting music licensed is as tough as it is rewarding. Imagine if all of the questions you have – Who should I send music to? How do I find them? How do I know they’ll listen? – were cleared up.

How do you build a network of contacts that can put your music in advertising, TV, and film? What do typical deals look like and how do you know you’re not being taken advantage of?

Think about it: you come home, turn on the TV, tune into your favorite show and hear YOUR music being played. How exhilarating would that be?




Learn the music licensing process inside and out. Uncover the skills and master the strategies to connect genuinely with people that license music.

Take advantage of my 10 years of missteps, trial and error. There is NO reason you should start from scratch.

Get all of the crucial tips, tactics, and strategies from shelves of books, thousands of dollars of courses and personal, high-level interaction with global ad agencies, major TV networks, and the biggest movie studios.

This is your opportunity to stop all the guesswork and get your music licensed…uncover everything you need to know for less than 11 cents per day!


Independent Musicians

If you don’t have a label or publisher and want to take matters into your own hands, learn all the fundamental music business knowledge about publishing, licensing, and negotiation on TOP of how to generate top-notch relationships with music supervisors.

Indie Labels

You have a boutique label…that no one’s heard of yet. Learn to set up lasting relationships and how to negotiate licenses and how music publishing works.

Music Publishers

You’ve got your own catalog of songs – whether you wrote them or you’re building a catalog – it’s time to start generating performance royalties and sync fees by building an awesome reputation with ad agencies and music supervisors.

Music Industry Professionals

Do you work on behalf of bands, but you’re not sure where to start? Is the pressure on to deliver sync license results? Look no further. I’ll teach you the soft-skills AND the back-end music business knowledge you need to secure music placements.

Who This Book Is NOT For

This book is NOT for people who want to email blast a list of unknown names. It’s not for people with low quality recordings. Avoid this book at all costs if you have no intention of learning to do things the right way. If you want shortcuts DO NOT buy this book.

But…if you’re ready to work just as hard at getting your music licensed as you are at creating music, if you want proven strategies that help build real music licensing connections, and if you want to know how to stand out from the crowds of shameless hucksters, this book IS for you.

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  • Get your music the recognition you deserve by landing music placements
  • Find new people looking for your music every day and never run out of opportunities
  • Build music supervisor relationships from scratch like a pro
  • Pull back the curtain on how music publishing, licensing, and negotiation works.
  • Protect your songs with detailed copyright information and avoid legal issues
  • 20+ Chapters packed with critical music business advice
  • Learn how to keep more money from sync fees and performance royalties
  • Discover critical license negotiation techniques that sky-rocket license fees
  • Get insider tips on how to value your songs
  • Understand music companies intricately so you can find an excellent business partner
  • The book comes in iBook and PDF formats and is accompanied by email templates I use everyday
  • 100% money-back guarantee…for 30 days!

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Andy Lykens, AuthorI’ve been landing songs in commercials, film, and TV for nearly 10 years. But what a lot of people don’t realize is I started off just like you. I thought I “didn’t have a head for business,” that I was “too creative,” and that I had to be a sales-y sleeze-bag if I wanted to get music licensed.

It’s so frustrating to have awesome music but not know who to talk to, what to say, or how to stay top-of-mind. Forget about trying to learn all the music business back-end!

If you’re like I was, you KNOW you can do it – but up until now, you haven’t known where to turn.

I have my master’s degree in music business, I’ve been a hired gun for companies like Warner/Chappell and Imagem Music. I’ve also done music supervision for an ABC TV show, several major ad agencies, and have consulted with a number of award-winning production companies and indie record labels.

Learn how I create compelling outreach to music supervisors and all of the music business secrets of licensing, copyright, and music publishing.

A few of my hundreds of placements include shows on HBO, ESPN, NBC, ABC, and Showtime and commercials for Google, Trojan,, Danon, Crayola, and many more.

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Let Me Teach You How To Get Your Music Licensed

“Just finished reading your entire book…I think this should be required reading for all musicians- and I’m not just saying this to butter you up…This is definitely one of the better books, not only because of the licensing info, but because of it’s mixture of actionable advice and important (also detailed) rights administration and registration information.”

Etan Y.
Indie Producer and Songwriter

“I just started reading today. I was trying to force my eyes to move faster so i could finish it ASAP. Its such a great book (and I hate reading) I just got back from LA. My twin brother and I spent 6 days journeying all over LA for meetings we had set up and some impromptu meetings with anyone who would meet us. After reading your book I realized that I have been doing most things right, But some of the little details in your book I haven’t done are so important and I wish I had the book last year.”

Andrew from Blind Magic Publishing
Indie Music Publisher

“I bought your book and read it yesterday on the plane as I was flying to NYC from Dallas. So informative and easy to read. Great job!”

Audrey L.

“I read the book…I really enjoyed it. I found it extremely helpful with clear and concise actions as to how to hold yourself accountable for creating your own destiny.”

Jeff G.
Indie Songwriter and Publisher

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Stop Guessing About Who To Talk To And What To Say…Take Action And Start Landing Placements

Love the Book in 30 Days … Or Your Money Back

The amount of education, advice, and insight you’ll get from my book would take you more than 10 years and $30,000 to do the hard way.

For a one-time payment of $49 you’ll get the same information that has cost me thousands of dollars, taken a decade of learning, and has earned millions in music licensing revenue.

Try the book risk-free for 30-days and if you aren’t completely satisfied with it, drop me an email with what didn’t work (so I can make the book better) and I will happily return your money.

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