What Does It Take To Get 6 Songs Licensed By MTV?

Today we're continuing the series of case studies from the exposure vs. value post. In this post we'll be looking at someone who is self-published and has licensed music across a couple MTV series. First, if you'd like to check out the origination of this series, you can do so here. Also, … [Read more...]

How To Start Crucial Music Industry Conversations

What do you mention when talking about what you're up to musically? Anything! As an indie musician you need to be highly versatile and agreeable to ANYTHING that has to do with music. A friend wants a band to play at a party? Someone else needs a DJ for their wedding? Your boss needs help choosing … [Read more...]

Low Hanging Fruit in the Music Business: Part I – Find Opportunity Anywhere

The how to be the first thing to spring to mind when a contact thinks about music. What is low hanging fruit? Low Hanging Fruit is a sales concept which means that we need to be sure we're capitalizing on the opportunities in the places where the fruit is ripe, and easy to pick. While the … [Read more...]