Why Every Brand Should Follow McDonald’s Golden Example In Music Publishing.


I used to think music publishers were just big music companies that owned songs. Then I found out McDonald's is a music publisher and things got interesting... Everyone knows there’s money to be had with placing music in advertising, but many people may not know exactly why it’s such a boon. … [Read more...]

Brands Want The Latest Hit, But Are Any Brave Enough Find It?


Last year the music publisher I worked at got lucky. We landed the new Daft Punk album. EVERYONE wanted "Get Lucky." We had so many requests pouring in for this song, so many brands and agencies went after this thing (or something that sounds like it) you just wouldn't believe it. All of … [Read more...]

Learn How A Record Label Pursues Music Licensing


If you're an artist or in a band, chances are you've got a record out. Maybe you put it out yourself, maybe you're signed to a small indie label, or maybe you landed a major deal with a nice advance from one of the bigger guys. The bottom line is you have a record. But what exactly does that … [Read more...]

What Does It Take To Get 6 Songs Licensed By MTV?

Today we're continuing the series of case studies from the exposure vs. value post. In this post we'll be looking at someone who is self-published and has licensed music across a couple MTV series. First, if you'd like to check out the origination of this series, you can do so here. Also, … [Read more...]