How To Start Crucial Music Industry Conversations

What do you mention when talking about what you're up to musically? Anything! As an indie musician you need to be highly versatile and agreeable to ANYTHING that has to do with music. A friend wants a band to play at a party? Someone else needs a DJ for their wedding? Your boss needs help choosing … [Read more...]

A Recent Email To An Independent Musician Like You.

I recently responded to a friend's email and I realized it has some fantastic tips that every independent musician can use if they're looking to take control of their music career, get their music licensed, or simply improve their music marketing. Here it is (edited for anonymity's sake): It … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Get Your Music on TV

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has written in and asked me questions. Keep them coming! Please keep in mind if you're just asking me stuff that you can easily find out by using Google, it is unlikely I'll be very helpful in my answer (which might literally be "Google It"). Blow me away … [Read more...]